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Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Hydraulic Quick Coupler for Mini Excavator 1-8 ton

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The BONOVO Hydraulic Quick Hitch of an excavator includes several key components for efficient tool attachment and detachment. The hydraulic cylinder powers the hitch, enabling easy connection and separation. The locking block secures or releases the connecting pin, while the safety pin prevents accidental loosening. The connecting frame links these parts and provides an interface for attachments. Movable and fixed hooks with pins connect devices like buckets. A rotary deceleration device ensures stable rotation during changes. The double-linked oil cylinder controls the quick hitch, and additional devices enhance flexibility and adaptability. Together, these components ensure safe and efficient operation.


Wide compatibility: Suitable for excavators of various brands and colors from 1 to 100 tons, ensuring applicability in different working scenarios.

Sturdy and durable structure: Using high-strength steel plate Q355+NM400 to ensure stable operation under harsh working conditions.

Safety guarantee: Equipped with safety pins to prevent attachments from falling and reduce safety risks during operations.

High-quality cylinder: Ensures its safe and reliable performance, can provide stable power output, and further improve operating efficiency.

Efficient operation: Simple and convenient operation, quick replacement of different attachments, and improved work efficiency.

Complete installation accessories: Equipped with all pipeline parts, simplifying the installation process and eliminating the need to purchase additional accessories.

Hoisting convenience: Equipped with hoisting hooks to facilitate hoisting operations and improve operating efficiency.


BONOVO Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Model Unit HQC40 HQC80
Suitable Weight Ton 1-4 5-8
Pin mm 25-40 45-55
Length mm 545 600
Width mm 265 350
Height mm 310 320
Weight KG 50 80
Working Pressure  Kg/cm² 40-400 40-400
Working Flow L/min 10-20 10-20
Package Size mm 700*380*450 750*420*500


Excavator hydraulic quick hitch has a wide range of applications. It can adapt to different operating needs, improve operating efficiency and precision, and bring great convenience to engineering construction. Mainly used in the following areas:

Excavation operations: 

Hydraulic quick hitch coupler can quickly connect and replace the bucket, improving the efficiency and accuracy of excavation operations. During excavation work, it can quickly connect various types of excavation tools to achieve efficient and continuous excavation operations.

Crushing operations:

In crushing operations, the hydraulic quick hitch can quickly connect and replace the breaker hammer to achieve efficient and safe crushing operations. It can adapt to different crushing needs and improve the efficiency and effect of crushing operations.

Grabbing operations: 

Hydraulic quick hitch coupler can also quickly connect and replace the grab bucket to achieve efficient and continuous grabbing operations. In operations that require grabbing bulk materials and heavy objects, it can improve the efficiency and accuracy of grabbing operations.

Other operations: 

In addition to the above applications, hydraulic quick hitch can also be used in other operations that require frequent replacement of working devices. For example, in loading, cleaning, leveling and other operations, it can quickly replace working devices and improve operating efficiency and accuracy.

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