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DG20 2 Ton Excavator

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Introducing the DG20, a versatile 2 ton mini excavator from DIG-DOG that redefines compact excavation. Whether referred to as a mini digger or compact excavator, the DG20 2 ton digger stands out as a powerhouse in a compact form, perfect for navigating tight spaces and handling various construction and landscaping projects with ease.

Compact yet robust, the DIG-DOG DG20 mini excavator is the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable excavation tasks. Explore its capabilities and unlock the potential for productivity on your next project.


Machine model No. DG20
Type of tracks Rubber track
Machine weight 4409 lbs/2000 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.07 m3
System Pressure 21.5 Mpa
Max. grade ability 350
Max.Bucket Digging Force 18 KN
Max.Arm Digging Force 11 KN
Operation type Joystick pilot control
Engine Model KUBOTA D1105
Displacement 1.123 L
Type Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel
Max. Power 14.2 kW/2000 r/min
Max. Torque 71.4 N.m
Overall Dimensions Overall Length 3555 mm
Overall Width 990/1300 mm
Overall height 229 0mm
Chassis width 1300 mm
Min. ground clearance 150 mm
Cabin height 2290 mm
Axle base 1230 mm
Blade Width
Height 235
Max.lift of dozer blade 240 mm
Max.depth of dozer blade 270 mm
Hydraulic system Pump type Gear pump
Pump capacity 48.4 L/Min
Fluid Capacities Hydraulic system 17 L
Fuel tank 15 L
Working range Max. Digging Height 3700 mm
Max. Dumping Height 2440 mm
Max. Digging Depth 2400 mm
Max. Vertical Digging Depth 2025 mm
Max. Digging Radius 4040 mm
Min. Swing Radius 1610 mm
Tail Swing Radius 650 mm
Swing System Boom swing angle(Left/Right) 700/500
Swing Speed 0~9 rmp


Engineered for excellence across a spectrum of applications, the robust DG20 excels in tasks such as digging trenches, excavating foundations, landscaping, and utility work. Its versatility and performance make it the ideal choice for contractors, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Powered by a reliable diesel engine, this 2 ton digger boasts impressive specifications to ensure optimal performance on any job site. With a digging depth of up to 2400mm, a maximum reach of 4040mm, and a bucket capacity of 0.07m3, this mini excavator delivers exceptional digging power while maintaining precision and control.


Engineered with precision and durability in mind, the DG20 mini excavator is designed to excel in a multitude of applications. Its compact size and agile maneuverability make it particularly adept at navigating through confined spaces and accessing hard-to-reach areas, making it indispensable for urban construction projects and landscaping jobs in residential areas.

In construction, the DG20 2 ton digger shines in tasks such as digging trenches for utility lines, excavating footings for buildings, and clearing debris from demolition sites. Its powerful hydraulic system and versatile attachment options enable it to handle a wide range of tasks with efficiency and precision.

For landscaping professionals, this 2 ton mini excavator offers unmatched versatility. From grading and leveling terrain to digging holes for planting trees or installing irrigation systems, this mini excavator streamlines the most demanding landscaping projects. Its precise control and smooth operation ensure minimal disruption to existing landscapes while achieving desired results.

Utility work also benefits greatly from the DG20's capabilities. Whether it's digging channels for laying pipes and cables, excavating for drainage systems, or performing maintenance on underground infrastructure, this mini excavator delivers consistent performance and reliability, even in challenging soil conditions.

In essence, the DIG-DOG DG20 2 ton excavator is a versatile and indispensable tool for contractors, landscapers, and utility workers, offering unmatched performance and reliability across a wide range of applications. Its compact size belies its formidable capabilities, making it the go-to solution for any excavation task, big or small.


The DIG-DOG DG20 2 Ton Mini Excavator offers versatility with a range of attachments to suit different tasks. Standard configurations include a broken pipeline attachment and options for crushing hammers, soil augers, wood splitters, and spiral drills. It features interchangeable iron and rubber tracks for adaptability to various construction conditions and a rotating arm for precise work, even when undermining foundations.

Optional configurations include quick-change systems (mechanical or hydraulic), grips, screws, crushing hammers, boosters, rakes, forks, mechanical or hydraulic thumbs, narrow buckets, clean buckets, and tipping buckets. These attachments make the DG20 suitable for excavation, demolition, landscaping, and material handling tasks, ensuring efficiency and productivity on any project.

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