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BL920 Backhoe Loader 9300kg

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The DIG-DOG BL920 Backhoe Loader, also known as Loader Backhoes, Mini Backhoe, and Miniature Backhoe. This compact yet powerful machine is designed to excel in a variety of applications, offering unmatched versatility and performance on the job site.

The BL920 Backhoe Loader is perfect for a wide range of tasks, including construction projects, road maintenance, landscaping, utility work, and agricultural operations. Its compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for navigating tight spaces and urban environments, while its powerful engine and hydraulic system ensure efficient performance in any setting.

Core Specifications

- Machine Weight: 9300 kg

- Engine Power: 134.87 hp /75 kw

- Loader Bucket Capacity: 1.2m³

- Backhoe Bucket Capacity: 0.3m³

- Max Digging Depth (Backhoe): 4970 mm

- Max Loading Height (Loader): 4983mm


DIG-DOG BL920 Backhoe Loader

Total length(bucket at ground 6450±80mm
Total width 2650±20mm
 Bucket width 2620mm
Total height (cabin top) 3120±10mm
Total height (digging boom top 3940 ±20mm
Wheel base 2335±10 mm
Wheel tread 2139 ±10mm
Load main technical parameter)
Rated load 2500KG
 Operating weight 9300kg
 Rated bucket capacity 1.2m³
(41°)Max. Dumping height (41° dumping angle) 3050±50 mm
Dumping distance 870±20 mm
Turning radius) Tires outside 5750±50mm
Digging main technical parameters)
Rated digging bucket capacity 0.3m³
Max. Digging depth 3820±20 mm
Max. Digging radius 5345±20mm
Max. Loading height 3740±20mm
Max. Digging force 5100kgf
Max. Digging height 5470 ±20mm
Lifting force at Max. Digging radius 1220kg
Max. Digging Depth 4970±20 mm
Max. Loading Height 4983±20mm
Max. Digging Height 6680±20mm
Engine model WC4A105Z-T20
Cooling type Water cooling
Rated power 75 (kW)
Displacement 4.8(L)
Rated speed 2200(r/min)
Max. Torque 400(N.M)
Manufacturer YUCHAI
Hydraulic torque convertor Model 290
Cooling way Pressured oil circle
Gearbox Model 15
Type Mechanically Operated Hydraulic Synchronized Shift
Driving axles Model WZL100
Gear shift 4 F、 4 RForward 4 Backward 4
 Speed(F/R)km/h Forward1)  1 – 5 km/h
Forward2) 2 – 10 km/h
Forward3) 3- 18 km/h
Forward4)  4- 32 km/h
Backward1)  1- 5 km/h
Backward2)   2- 10 km/h
Backward3)   3- 18 km/h
Backward4)   4- 32 km/h
Tyres model)                  16.9-28
Hydraulic system 
Working pump displacement 63ml/r
Working pump pressure 20Mpa
Diverter model BZZ5-250
Digging attachments(hydraulic hammer)
Rod diameter  mm 68-70
Working pressure  Mpa 11-14
  Impact frequency 500-900
Flow scope  L/min 25-45
kinetic energy      KN 49
Oil capacity
Hydraulic oil tank 125
  Fuel tank 125


1. Versatility:

The BL920 Backhoe Loader offers three different names, reflecting its versatility and adaptability to diverse tasks and environments.

2. Efficiency:

Equipped with a powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system, this machine delivers efficient performance, maximizing productivity on the job site.

3. Maneuverability: 

With its compact design and responsive steering, this mini backhoe is easy to maneuver in confined spaces, ensuring precise operation and minimal disruption.

4. Durability:

 Built with rugged construction and high-quality components, this miniature backhoe is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

5. Operator Comfort: 

The ergonomic cabin provides a comfortable and spacious working environment, equipped with intuitive controls and excellent visibility for enhanced safety and operator comfort.


The BL920 loader backhoe excels across multiple industries, proving its versatility in construction projects, road maintenance, landscaping endeavors, utility operations, and agricultural tasks. Its compact design facilitates seamless navigation through tight spaces and urban landscapes, while its robust engine and hydraulic system guarantee optimal performance across diverse environments.

Whether you're a contractor, landscaper, municipality, or farmer, the DIG-DOG BL920 Backhoe Loader stands as your trusted ally, ready to tackle a myriad of assignments with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Invest in the BL920 today to witness firsthand its transformative impact on your business or operation. Embrace excellence and elevate your performance with the BL920 Backhoe Loader.


The DIG-DOG BL920 loader backhoe offers a wide range of versatile attachments for both front-end loader and backhoe applications. Front-end loader attachments include options such as a quick-change device, multi-function buckets, forks, and specialized tools for snow removal and material handling. Backhoe attachments feature quick-change devices, hydraulic breakers, augers, telescopic arms, and tools for forestry and soil preparation. Excavator buckets come in various widths to accommodate different digging and trenching needs. With these attachments, the BL920 Mini Backhoe becomes a versatile solution for contractors, landscapers, municipalities, and farmers, enhancing productivity and efficiency on diverse job sites.

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