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Bucket Teeth

Bucket Teeth

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BONOVO Excavator Bucket Teeth

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BONOVO excavator bucket teeth, crafted using advanced cast steel technology, ensure exceptional wear resistance and strength, making them ideal for virtually any excavation task.


BONOVO Ground Engaging Tools

Product type Material Tensile yield extend Hardness Core hardness Impact Toughness
TS(Mpa) YS(Mpa) RA(%) HRC HRC Normal temperature Akv(J)
Non-welded guard plates, long and short shovels N2 ≥ 1200 ≥ 1000 ≥ 1.5 40-50 ≥ 35 ≥ 14
Welding foot protection N6 ≥ 1100 ≥ 900 ≥ 1.5 34-46 ≥ 29 ≥ 14
≤20KG Bucket teeth, side teeth, and medium teeth N5 ≥ 1300 ≥ 1100 ≥ 1.5 46-53 ≥ 41 ≥ 14
≤20KG Gear Adapter N11 ≥ 1100 ≥ 900 ≥ 1.5 34-46 ≥ 29 ≥ 18
Pin diameter>20mm (including middle card) 40Cr / / / 38-45 / /
Pin diameter <20mm 40Cr / / / 22-26 / /
Circlips (including mid-circlips) 40Cr / / / 40-45 / /

6 Key Features of BONOVO Bucket Teeth

1. OEM Compatibility: BONOVO excavator bucket teeth are designed to fit most major brands and models of excavator buckets, providing a versatile solution for your equipment needs.
2. Compliance with Standards: Our castings meet the technical requirements of the GB/T25628-2010 standard for excavator bucket teeth, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

3. Precision Casting: The casting tolerances adhere to the stringent IS08062-CT9 standards, guaranteeing high-quality and precise manufacturing of tractor bucket teeth.

4. Rigorous Testing: The core hardness and impact sampling, vital for excavator parts, are conducted according to BONOVO's sampling diagram, ensuring each tooth meets our exacting standards.

5. Customization: For specific requirements, our teeth can be produced according to detailed drawings provided, ensuring a perfect fit for specialized applications like tooth bar.

6. Easy Replacement: The modular design of BONOVO teeth allows for easy and quick replacement, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Choose BONOVO excavator parts for a dependable, high-performance solution that enhances the efficiency and longevity of your excavation equipment.

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