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Excavator Concrete Pulverizer

Excavator Concrete Pulverizer

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BONOVO Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer

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The BONOVO Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer is also known as mechanical concrete crusher, is a kind of front-end attachment for excavators. It can break concrete blocks and columns, shear and collect the steel bars inside, and is widely used in the demolition of buildings, workshops, civil houses and other structures, as well as steel recycling and concrete crushing.

The BONOVO mechanical concrete pulverizer is made of high-strength steel throughout, and the jaw teeth are made of high-quality wear-resistant plate, which can cope with various harsh working conditions and ensure its service life. High-strength alloy blades are installed above the jaw teeth, making the breaker more efficient in cutting the steel bars inside the concrete.


BONOVO Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer for Excavator 20-40 ton
Model Excavator Weight 3 Teeth Width 4 Teeth Width Connecting Rod Length Dimension Weight
MCH20 20-25 ton 520 mm 705 mm 1500 mm 1560*800*1000 mm 1595 kg
MCH30 26-30 ton 607 mm 792 mm 1500 mm 1600*890*1000 mm 1710 kg
MCH40 35-40 ton 560 mm 840 mm 1500 mm 1800*935*1180 mm 2305 kg


l 1.Stable:

Our BONOVO concrete pulverizer is a uniquely designed excavator attachment, boasting a simple yet robust structure, top-notch stability, and user-friendly operation. It's the perfect choice for efficient and reliable concrete crushing.

l 2. Wear-Resistant: 

The BONOVO Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer employs high-quality wear-resistant plate for its jaw teeth, ensuring their durability and longevity. This material is specifically chosen to withstand the abrasive nature of concrete crushing, maintaining its sharpness over time. This results in reduced maintenance and replacement costs, making it a cost-effective and reliable tool for various concrete crushing applications.

l 3. Pin Shaft Durability: 

The pin shaft of the BONOVO Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer is made of durable 42CR alloy steel and undergoes tempering and quenching to maintain its strength and resistance to deformation during long-term use.

l4. Customization: 

Take advantage of our customization options for your next job, including sizes, parts, and G.E.T. Enhance your attachment with logos, tags, colors, and more.


The BONOVO Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer exhibits remarkable versatility, rendering it a perfect fit for an extensive array of crushing applications across diverse industries. Whether it's employed in civil engineering projects, road construction endeavors, mining operations, or beyond, this attachment guarantees reliable and efficient performance, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each job site. Its ability to adapt to various crushing tasks ensures that it remains a top choice for professionals seeking a robust and flexible solution for their concrete pulverizing needs.

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