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Rotating Grapples

BONOVO RG14 Hydraulic Rotating Grapple for Excavator 12-18 ton

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BONOVO presents a versatile lineup of rotating grapples for excavators, specifically engineered to excel in efficient material handling tasks. The logging grapple and rotating grapple for excavator are indispensable tools widely utilized across diverse sectors, including sugarcane, timber, stones, steel slag handling, as well as specialized applications like garbage collection and scrap metal processing. Available in configurations such as two-toothed, five-toothed, and seven-toothed models, the five-toothed variant stands out for its exceptional gripping ability and stability.


BONOVO Hydraulic Rotating Grapple for Excavator

Model Excavator Weight Weight Max Opening Size work pressure Work flow Cylinder volume
RG14 12-18 ton 800 kg 1800 mm 150-170 kg/cm² 90-110 L/min 8.0*2 L


Precision Engineering: Each grapple incorporates a sophisticated internal structure comprising a motor, flow divider, and slewing ring. This design ensures consistent rotation speed, powerful torque, and minimal maintenance, optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Customization Options: BONOVO offers tailored customization services to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring peak performance in diverse construction environments.

Ease of Operation: Featuring both hydraulic and electric control modes, these grapples cater to different operational preferences. Hydraulic controls, facilitated by a dual-pedal valve, enable precise maneuvers, ideal for tasks demanding accuracy. Electric controls provide enhanced flexibility and simplicity, allowing operators to perform functions effortlessly using the excavator’s joystick switch, enhancing usability across varied operational conditions.

Adaptability: Each grapple is meticulously matched to suit the excavator’s model and tonnage, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing performance.


BONOVO’s rotating grapples are available in two-toothed, five-toothed, and seven-toothed models, with the five-toothed variant particularly noted for its superior gripping capability and stability.

Comparison: Hydraulic vs. Electric Control

Hydraulic Control Mode:

Precision operations, such as partial opening and closing, are achieved through a dual-pedal valve, making it ideal for tasks requiring high accuracy. However, it necessitates skilled operator proficiency and may lead to less flexible operations under varying conditions.

Electric Control Mode:

In contrast, the electric control mode offers simplicity and enhanced flexibility. With straightforward installation requiring only two oil lines, operators can execute all functions directly from the joystick, streamlining operational processes. While it may not match the precision of hydraulic controls, its efficiency and user-friendly nature make it highly preferred among operators.


The Hydraulic Rotating Grapple for Excavator finds application across a wide spectrum of tasks, including:

- Handling and sorting sugarcane, timber, stones, and steel slag.

- Specialized tasks like garbage collection and scrap metal processing.

- Various construction scenarios requiring efficient material handling and sorting capabilities.

Procurement Guidance for BONOVO Products

For robust and reliable rotating grapples that ensure peak performance in diverse operational environments, consider BONOVO’s range of excavator grapples. With options tailored to meet specific needs and a commitment to precision engineering and user-friendly controls, BONOVO stands ready to support your material handling requirements effectively.

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