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Rotary Screening Buckets

Rotary Screening Buckets

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BONOVO RSB20 Rotary Screening Bucket for Excavator 20-28 ton

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The BONOVO RSB20 Rotary Screening Bucket is an advanced attachment designed for excavators weighing 20 to 28 tons, offering robust construction and efficient design for a variety of material processing tasks. This vibrating screening bucket is ideal for construction, demolition, and recycling projects, provided by a trusted supplier of screening buckets.


BONOVO RSB20 Rotary Screening Bucket

Excavator weight(ton




Inlet diameter

Drum depth

Processing volume per hour

20-28 ton

1.6 m³

2000 kg

2147*1590*1863 mm

1328 mm

960 mm

20-30 m³


Exceptional Capacity and Efficiency

The BONOVO RSB20 boasts impressive capacity, enabling rapid processing of large volumes of material. Its spacious inlet diameter and drum depth ensure easy loading and thorough screening, significantly enhancing productivity.

Superior Build Quality

- Waterproof Motor: Equipped with a waterproof motor from the renowned Likechuan brand, ensuring stable operation in diverse environments.
- Premium Materials: Constructed with high-quality NM plate for the frame and screen mesh, and Q355 steel for critical components, the RSB20 guarantees durability under heavy-duty use.

These top-grade materials ensure the RSB30 is reliable and durable, maintaining consistent performance in demanding conditions.

Enhanced Productivity

With a processing volume of 20-30 cubic meters per hour, the BONOVO RSB20 substantially increases on-site productivity. Operators complete screening tasks faster, reducing project timelines and costs.

Reliability and Durability

The waterproof motor and high-strength materials enable the RSB20 to withstand tough conditions without compromising performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance expenses.

Easy Integration

Designed for 20-28 ton excavators, the BONOVO RSB20 integrates seamlessly into existing fleets, delivering immediate operational benefits.


The BONOVO RSB20 Rotary Screening Bucket is versatile, suitable for various applications such as:

- Soil Screening: Ideal for land development and landscaping, efficiently sifting soil to remove impurities like rocks and roots.

- Rock Processing: Essential in mining and quarrying to screen extracted rocks into different sizes for further processing.

- Garbage Recycling: Enhances efficiency in urban waste recycling centers by separating recyclable materials.

- River Cleanup: Effective in removing debris from rivers and lakes, screening out recoverable items for separation.

Purchase Guidance

Choose BONOVO for your vibrating screening bucket needs, a leading supplier known for superior quality and performance. Trust in the RSB20 to meet the highest standards, ensuring efficient and reliable material processing with your excavator.

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