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Skid Steer Sweeper

Skid Steer Sweeper

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BONOVO Skid Steer Angle Broom 60 inch

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The BONOVO 60 inch Sweepster Broom, a top-tier sweeper attachment for skid steers designed to revolutionize your cleaning operations. This robust 60-inch angle broom boasts exceptional features and performance to handle a variety of challenging environments.


BONOVO Skid Steer Angle Broom 60 inch

Total Length A 1520 mm
Total Width B 1800 mm
Total Height C 740 mm
Total Weight 400
Sweeping Width 1500 mm
Yaw Angle ±30°
Brush Diameter 660/205 mm
Motor Displacement 310 Ml/r
System Pressure 16-20 Mpa
Working Flow 60-130 L/min
Voltage DC12/24 V

Features of the BONOVO Sweepster Broom(60 inch)

- Sweeping Width: 1500 mm

- Yaw Angle: ±30°

- Efficient Cleaning: Clears snow, dirt, and compacted ice, especially in tight spaces.

- Adjustable Brush Diameter: 660/205 mm, ensuring optimal contact with the surface for thorough cleaning.

- Durability: Engineered with a high-strength structure for long-lasting performance.

- Adaptability: Designed for easy deflection and tilt adjustments.

- Versatility: Perfect for clearing standard roads and packed or natural snow.

- Indispensable Tool: Maintains complex road conditions with ease.

Upgrade your skid steer with the BONOVO Sweepster Broom and experience unparalleled cleaning efficiency.

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