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Skid Steer Sweeper

Skid Steer Sweeper

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BONOVO Skid Steer Bucket Sweeper 66 inch

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BONOVO presents its Broom Sweeper, a Skid Steer Brush Attachment designed to efficiently clear debris and maintain cleanliness across various surfaces. With dimensions tailored for versatility and performance, this equipment stands as a reliable companion for municipal, industrial, and commercial cleaning tasks.


BONOVO Skid Steer Bucket Sweeper 66 inch

Total Length 1395 mm
Total Width 1950 mm
Total Height 652 mm
Total Weight 460 kg
Storage Capacity 0.43 m³
Sweeping Width 1650 mm
Brush Diameter 660/205 mm
System Pressure 16-20 Mpa
Motor Displacement 310 Ml/r

Design Variants

BONOVO offers a range of broom sweepers, including conventional, enclosed, and angled styles. Here, we delve into the 66-inch enclosed variant, known for its enclosed design that efficiently collects and prevents debris from scattering.

Features and Applications

- Primary Function: Clearing dust and debris from surfaces, including gravel, rubble, and miscellaneous waste.

- Applications: Suitable for roads, municipalities, ports, squares, factory premises, and more.

- Additional Functionality: Capable of uniformly spreading materials as needed.

Key Highlights

- Versatility: Beyond surface cleaning, it can handle tasks like milling asphalt residue and clearing industrial waste.

- Ease of Operation: Various cleaning actions can be executed through the control panel within the operator's cabin, eliminating the need for specialized skills.

- Adaptability: Its compact design enables adaptation to diverse environmental and terrain conditions.

Working Principle

- Relies on the skid steer loader chassis for mobility.

- Forward-facing steel brush sweepers use rotational power to sweep debris, dust, and other objects into the robust collection bucket.


Some enclosed sweepers have a hinged structure that connects the upper and lower compartments. BONOVO's broom sweeper is equipped with quick connectors for hydraulic hoses for easier installation; a hydraulic motor-driven brush assembly improves sweeping efficiency and ensures effective cleaning.

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