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Skid Steer Loaders

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CSL65 Track Skid Steer Loader 1 Ton

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The CSL65 Track Skid Steer Loader by DIG-DOG also known as a posi track or track loader, this robust machine combines agility, power, and efficiency to tackle a variety of tasks with ease.

Core Specifications of CSL65 Track Skid Steer Loader

Machine Load: 1 ton

Operating Weight: 3800 kg

Max Speed: 12 km/h

Rated Power: 55 kw/73.76 hp

Bucket Capacity: 0.5 m³

Overall Operating Height: 3480 mm

Ground Clearance: 200 mm


Model CSL65
Operating load  (kg) 1000
Max Speed(km/h) 12
 Rated flux  (L/min) 80
High Flow Flux (L/min) 120
Tire(track)  model 320X84
Rated power (Kw) 55
Fuel tank capacity (L) 90
 self weight bucket  (kg) 3800
Bucket capacity  (m³) 0.5
Size Parameters
Overall operating height (mm) 3480
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm) 2900
Hheight to top of cab (mm) 2150
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm) 2730
Without bucket length(mm) 2750
Overall length with bucket(mm) 3500
Dumping angle at maximum height(°) 40
Dumping height(mm) 2230
Dumping reach(mm) 715
Rollback o bucket on ground(°) 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(°) 104
Wheelbase(mm) 1500
Ground clearance(mm) 200
Angle of departure(°) 20
Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 1298
Front tuning radius(mm) 2010
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1714
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 890
Tread width (mm) 1462
Width (mm) 1782
Bucket width (mm) 1830


l1. Enhanced Maneuverability:

The CSL65's compact design and intuitive controls allow for precise maneuvering, even in confined spaces, ensuring maximum efficiency.

l2. Versatile Attachment Options: 

With a wide range of compatible attachments, including buckets, forks, and hydraulic tools, this posi track adapts to diverse job requirements, increasing productivity.

l3. Exceptional Stability:

 Thanks to its low center of gravity and robust build, this track loader offers superior stability, enhancing operator safety and confidence during operation.

l4. Reliable Power: 

The 65HP diesel engine delivers consistent power, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in various working conditions, from rough terrain to steep gradients.


The CSL65 posi track, a compact tracked skid steer loader, finds its application across diverse environments, excelling in construction sites, landscaping projects, and agricultural operations. Its agility and versatility enable it to navigate tight spaces with ease, efficiently handling tasks such as material transport, digging, grading, and lifting, making it an indispensable asset for professionals seeking high-performance machinery in various industries.

The trend in the application of this track skid steer loader is toward increased demand in urban construction projects, landscaping ventures, and agricultural endeavors due to its compact size, maneuverability, and multifunctional capabilities, enabling enhanced efficiency and productivity in diverse job environments.


The CSL65 Track Skid Steer Loader boasts an impressive range of over 90 attachments, enabling it to tackle a wide variety of tasks with ease. From gutter cleaning to snow removal, road cutting to landscaping, this skid steer loader offers the perfect attachment for every job. Whether you need a Sweeper/Gutter Brush for efficient cleaning, a Road Cutting Saw for precision cutting, or a Snow Bucket for winter maintenance, the CSL65 has it all.

For construction tasks, attachments like the Breaker, Planer, and Rock Bucket ensure efficient demolition and excavation. Landscaping projects are a breeze with the Tree Spade, Chipper, and Landscape Rake. And for those heavy-duty compaction jobs, the Plate Compactor is the perfect choice.

But the CSL65 doesn't just stop there. We also offer customized attachment solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a specialized attachment or a customized configuration, our team is here to help.

With its versatility and powerful performance, the CSL65 Track Skid Steer Loader with its diverse attachment options is the ultimate tool for any job.

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