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DWL10E Mini Wheel Loader 800kg

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The DWL10E is a mini wheel loader designed for efficiency and maneuverability in tight spaces. Its small size makes it ideal for use in urban construction sites, landscaping projects, and agricultural operations. Whether you need to move dirt, gravel, mulch, or snow, the DWL10E is up to the task. Its articulated design allows for precise control and navigation, making it perfect for loading, transporting, and dumping materials in confined areas.

Core Specifications:

- Engine: Equipped with a powerful engine, the DWL10E delivers reliable performance and ample power to handle heavy loads.

- Bucket Capacity: With a spacious bucket capacity, this mini wheel loader maximizes productivity and efficiency on the job.

- Operating Weight: Despite its compact size, the DWL10E boasts a sturdy construction and a substantial operating weight for stability and durability.


DIG-DOG DWL10E Wheel Loader

Rated bucket capacity m3 0.4
Hopper width mm 1350
Rated load kg 800
Total weight kg 2532
Engine type / Changchai 390Q (Euro V)
Power of engine kw 18.4
Dumping height mm 2300
Dumping reach mm 690
Minimum ground clearance mm 220
Minimum turning mm 4800
Unloading angle ° 37
Tyre / 31-15.5-16
Axle / Isuzu Bridge
Distance between axles mm 1905
Distance between wheels mm 1150
Transmission assembly / 280 Split
Dimension mm 6400 * 2050 * 3000
Maximum fuel consumption g/kw. h 230



The DWL10E is designed for maximum efficiency, allowing operators to complete tasks quickly and effectively.

2. Maneuverability: 

Its compact size and articulated steering system enable precise maneuverability, even in confined spaces.

3. Durability:

 Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, the DWL10E is constructed with high-quality materials and components for long-lasting performance.

4. Versatility: 

From construction sites to landscaping projects, the DWL10E excels in a wide range of applications, making it a versatile addition to any fleet.


1. Construction Sites:

On busy construction sites, the DWL10E excels due to its compact size and excellent maneuverability. It effortlessly navigates narrow passages and corners, efficiently loading, unloading, and transporting materials such as sand, gravel, bricks, and other construction supplies. This significantly enhances the overall efficiency of the construction process.

2. Landscape and Gardening:

In the realm of landscape and gardening, the DWL10E shines. It is ideal for digging soil, leveling ground, and transporting plants and mulch, aiding landscapers in quickly shaping terrains and planting vegetation. Its compact size allows it to operate seamlessly even in confined spaces like small gardens or courtyards.

3. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:

The DWL10E also plays a pivotal role in agriculture and animal husbandry. It assists farmers in various tasks such as tilling soil, applying fertilizer, and transporting crops, significantly reducing the physical burden on them. In animal husbandry, it can be used for feed transportation, barn cleaning, and other related chores, thereby enhancing the efficiency of livestock farming.

4. Municipal Maintenance and Disaster Relief:

The versatility of the DWL10E extends to municipal maintenance and disaster relief operations. It can be used for road debris clearance, construction material transportation, and other maintenance tasks. In times of disasters, its superior mobility and quick response time enable it to reach the scene promptly and participate in rescue and relief efforts.


The DIG-DOG DWL10E mini wheel loader stands out as a remarkably adaptable and versatile machine, catering to a broad spectrum of work requirements through its extensive range of attachments. Whether it's heavy-duty shoveling, delicate floor cleaning, or specialized tasks like concrete mixing, the DWL10E rises to the occasion. Its array of attachments, including bucket with fork cover, snowplow, round clamp, square clamp, sweeper, pitchfork, flat fork, grain bucket, snow shovel, angled pitchfork, and concrete mixing bucket, ensures comprehensive functionality with 360° rotation and grabbers, rendering it an exceptionally versatile engineering asset.

These attachments undergo meticulous design and manufacturing processes to seamlessly integrate with the DWL10E, guaranteeing efficient and stable performance. Across agricultural, construction, and various other industries, the DWL10E mini articulated wheel loader emerges as an indispensable piece of equipment significantly elevating work efficiency and convenience.

In the quest for a mini wheel loader equipped with a versatile array of attachments, making an informed decision tailored to your specific needs and budget is paramount. Ensuring that the equipment aligns with your job demands and promises enduring economic benefits is essential. Reach out to us for further insights into mini wheel loader pricing, equipment specifications, and expert advice from our DIG-DOG online specialists.

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