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Godet de fossé pour mini-pelle

Benefits of Ditching Buckets on Mini Excavators. Our ditching buckets, like the backhoe with a bucket from BONOVO Group, are indispensable tools that increase the productivity and accuracy of mini excavators, especially in urban areas where exact digging positions are crucial. This is significant in urban construction sites, as tools like ditching buckets are essential for executing precision excavations to protect underground structures and avoid damage.


Mini Excavator With Ditching Bucket like the godet cribleur de pelle rétro from BONOVO Group. Being fitted with ditching buckets, these mini excavators have higher productivity numbers than those of the same type. This means they can perform various jobs without having multiple tools, which makes this technology much more cost-effective and brings returns on investment for construction companies. They provide flexibility with these bolt-ons designed to enable more efficient environments, decreasing project completion time and better financial return within the construction industry.

Why choose BONOVO Group Ditching bucket for mini excavator?

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