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Accessoire ripper pour excavatrice

For many construction and demolition projects, an excavator is the most versatile of machines. These can be used in a variety purposes such as digging, carrying heavy ones and even grading surfaces to make them flat and consistent. However, they may be impressive in their own right but when it comes to breaking into hard and compact surfaces such as concrete or asphalt (and generally rock) these excavators have a smidge of trouble doing that. This is when godet éventreur d'excavatrice from BONOVO Group comes in handy. 

In terms of a job site use, a ripper attachment is more powerful accessory crafted precisely for excavators to making easy the harsh and compacted areas. The addition of the ripper at the back end of an excavator shrinks oversized or stubborn material into easily transportable pieces with surgical accuracy. Doing so adds yet another tool to the excavator and makes it an even more useful machine in construction, demolition or any other environment.

The must-have tool for Demo & Rebuild.

Demolition and reconstruction projects require the ripper attachment. Ripper attachment for demolition projects: The the ripper is a perfect tool when it comes to cutting through and breaking up concrete, asphalt or another hard surface that needs removal during your project. More accuracy and precision in controlled demolition reduces collateral damage to adjacent structures using accessoire de godet de pelle rétro from BONOVO Group. 


But for reconstruction projects, the ripper attachment is necessary to quickly remove old foundations, driveways and other structures on an area of construction. It eliminates the old surfaces quickly facilitating easy site preparation before actual construction activities begins. This simplifies the whole process and puts us in a good position for an efficient reconstruction project.

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