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Excavatrice Ripper

Ripper pour mini-pelle 5-6 tonnes

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Y a-t-il un problème? N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour vous servir !


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The BONOVO mini excavator ripper tooth is a versatile attachment widely used in various earthwork projects for its efficient soil-breaking and loosening capabilities. Known as the bucket hook, it is available in single-tooth, double-tooth, and triple-tooth designs to cater to diverse project requirements.

This mini excavator root ripper excels in digging and cutting through hard soil and rock, making it indispensable for tasks such as land leveling, trenching, and deep excavations.


BONOVO Mini Excavator Gratuit 5-6 tonne

Modèle Poids de la pelle  diamètre de l'essieu  Coupe principale poids dimension
RP06 5-6T 40-45 50 140 810 * 330 * 540


Designed specifically for challenging conditions like hard soil, secondary hard rock, and weathered rock, the BONOVO mini excavator ripper tooth enhances productivity with its powerful crushing and splitting abilities. It effectively prepares the ground for excavation and loading tasks, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

In demanding terrains, it quickly pulverizes compacted soil and efficiently breaks down rocks, reducing the time and effort required for excavation.

Built for durability and reliability, the BONOVO mini excavator ripper tooth withstands harsh environments and prolonged use while maintaining stable performance.


Developed through rigorous research and design, the BONOVO mini excavator ripper tooth features a robust exterior and enhanced strength, thanks to high-quality wear-resistant plates. This ensures prolonged service life and consistent cutting performance.

The main blade, crafted from premium materials, resists wear and deformation, guaranteeing durability even under intense conditions. Special reinforcement of the blade and ear plate connection enhances stability and operational efficiency.

For high-quality, customizable, and promptly delivered products, consider choosing BONOVO for your next purchase.

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