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Skid Steer Loaders

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WSL65 Wheel Skid Steer Loader 1 ton

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The WSL65 wheel Skid Steer Loader by DIG-DOG also known as a posi Wheel loader, this robust machine combines agility, power, and efficiency to tackle a variety of tasks with ease.

Core Specifications of WSL65 Wheel Skid Steer Loader

Machine Load: 1050 kg

Operating Weight: 3500 kg

Max Speed: 12 km/h

Rated Power: 55 kw/73.76 hp

Bucket Capacity: 0.5 m³

Overall Operating Height: 4070 mm

Ground Clearance: 205 mm


Model WSL65
Operating load  (kg) 1000
Max Speed(km/h) 12
 Rated flux  (L/min) 80
High Flow Flux (L/min) 120
Tire(Wheel)  model 320X84
Rated power (Kw) 55
Fuel tank capacity (L) 90
 self weight bucket  (kg) 3800
Bucket capacity  (m³) 0.5
Size Parameters
Overall operating height (mm) 3480
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm) 2900
Hheight to top of cab (mm) 2150
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm) 2730
Without bucket length(mm) 2750
Overall length with bucket(mm) 3500
Dumping angle at maximum height(°) 40
Dumping height(mm) 2230
Dumping reach(mm) 715
Rollback o bucket on ground(° ) 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(°) 104
Wheelbase(mm) 1500
Ground clearance(mm) 200
Angle of departure(°) 20
Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 1298
Front tuning radius(mm) 2010
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1714
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 890
Tread width (mm) 1462
Width (mm) 1782
Bucket width (mm) 1830


l Robust and Efficient Power Transmission System

-The renowned brand engine boasts robust power, ultra-low emissions, and superior fuel efficiency.

-With the adoption of static hydraulic drive technology, it ensures stable drive, high efficiency, and reliability.

-The fully-sealed sprocket case and high-strength chains feature automatic lubrication, making them maintenance-free.

l Unmatched Multi-Functionality

The international interchangeable quick-change coupling allows for the rapid and convenient switching of various attachments, including sweepers, planers, breaking hammers, and ditchers, among others.

l Sturdy and Dependable Design

The adopted integral frame boasts a compact structure, high firmness, and reliability. All critical structural parts undergo finite element analysis for optimized stress distribution.

l Versatile Operations

The bucket maintains a level status automatically during lifting, preventing material scattering and enhancing work efficiency.


1.Operations in Narrow Spaces:

Due to its compact size and exceptionally small minimum turning radius, the skid loader is particularly suitable for working in confined spaces such as urban infrastructure, road or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, docks, ship decks, and even within their hulls.

 2. Versatile Work Content: 

The skid loader excels in the rapid exchange or attachment of various working devices. On the job site, different attachments can be swapped or connected within minutes, enabling it to perform tasks such as shoveling, stacking, lifting, excavating, drilling, crushing, grabbing, pushing and pulling, loosening soil, digging ditches, road sweeping, and compaction.

3. Operations on Uneven Ground: 

With its all-wheel drive and the absence of a differential between the wheels, the skid loader can effectively operate on uneven terrain.

4. Logistical Support for Large-Scale Projects: 

The skid loader can also be used for logistical support, site cleanup, and finalization work on large-scale engineering projects.

5.Road Maintenance: 

By equipping it with snow and ice removal attachments and sliding devices, the skid loader can quickly clear large areas of snow and ice, ensuring the efficient operation of related equipment.


The WSL65 Wheel Skid Steer Loader stands out with its comprehensive range of over 90 attachments, enabling it to tackle a vast array of tasks effortlessly. Whether it's gutter cleaning, snow removal, road excavation, or landscape shaping, this skid steer loader offers the perfect attachment for every job. From the Sweeper/Gutter Brush for thorough cleaning to the Road Cutting Saw for precision slicing and the Snow Bucket for winter maintenance, the WSL65 has everything you need.

For construction projects, the Breaker, Planer, and Rock Bucket attachments ensure efficient demolition and excavation. Landscaping tasks are simplified with the Tree Spade, Chipper, and Landscape Rake. And for heavy-duty compaction jobs, the Plate Compactor is the ultimate solution.

Moreover, the WSL65 doesn't just stop there. We pride ourselves on providing customized attachment solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a specialized attachment or a personalized configuration, our team is always ready to assist.

With its unparalleled versatility and robust performance, coupled with a diverse range of attachments, the WSL65 Wheel Skid Steer Loader is the ultimate tool for any job, making it a valuable asset for any worksite.

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