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Excavator Ripper

Excavator Ripper

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Ripper for Mini Excavator 1-6 ton

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The BONOVO excavator ripper is a powerful interchangeable working attachment, is widely used in various earthwork projects. Its unique breaking and loosening functions make the excavator more handy when dealing with hard or compacted soil. The soil ripper, often affectionately referred to as the bucket hook, comes in a variety of designs, including single-tooth, double-tooth, and triple-tooth options, to meet the needs of different projects.

This soil ripper boasts impressive digging and cutting power, effortlessly crushing hard soil and rock while loosening the soil to facilitate subsequent excavation operations. Whether it's for land leveling, digging ditches, or conducting deep excavations, the soil ripper can demonstrate its superior performance.


BONOVO Ripper for Mini Excavator 1-6 ton
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The BONOVO excavator ripper is a high-efficiency tool specifically designed for hard soil, secondary hard rock, weathered rock, and other challenging geological conditions. With its powerful crushing and splitting capabilities, it easily handles various complex geological environments, significantly improving the efficiency of excavation and loading operations.

During hard soil operations, the BONOVO soil ripper leverages its unique structure and robust power to quickly pulverize the compacted soil, creating ideal conditions for subsequent excavation and loading tasks. In the excavation of secondary hard rock and weathered rock, its splitting function demonstrates significant advantages, quickly splitting the rocks into smaller pieces, greatly reducing the difficulty and time required for excavation.

The superior performance of the BONOVO excavator ripper is not only reflected in its powerful crushing and splitting abilities, but also in its high reliability and durability. Through careful design and strict manufacturing processes, it can withstand harsh working environments and high-intensity workloads, ensuring stable operation for extended periods.


The excavator soil ripper from BONOVO is an efficient tool developed through independent research and design, boasting a sleek and powerful exterior. Through material upgrades, the overall strength of the soil ripper has been significantly enhanced, guaranteeing its impressive cutting force and high-performance operation.

In the selection of the main blade, BONOVO has employed high-quality wear-resistant plate.

This material not only exhibits exceptional wear resistance but also resists deformation, significantly extending the service life of the soil ripper.

Additionally, the connection between the main blade and the ear plate has undergone special reinforcement processing, ensuring stability and efficiency during operation.

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