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Top Type Hydraulic Hammer

BONOVO Top Type Hydraulic Hammer For Excavator 1-7ton

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A top type hydraulic hammer, also called a top type hydraulic breaker, is an efficient breaking tool widely used on construction machinery such as excavators. 


BONOVO Hydraulic Hammer Breaker For Mini Excavator

Model Unit HB450 HB530 HB680
For Excavator Ton 1-1.5 2.5-4.5 3-7
Operating Weight Kg 122 150 300
Working Flow B/min 20-30 25-45 36-60
Working Pressure Bar 90-100 90-120 110-140
Impact Rate Bpm 500-1000 500-1000 500-900
Impact Energy Joule 240 320 600
Tool Diameter mm 45 53 68
Package Size mm 1000*350*600 1160*390*610 1360*480*600


Efficient crushing capacity:

The top type hydraulic hammer has strong crushing force and is especially suitable for stone crushing. It has large direct force and good crushing effect, can quickly complete the crushing task and improve construction efficiency.

Wide operating range: 

Since the hammer length of top type hydraulic hammers is generally longer and the mounting point is relatively high, it has a larger operating range. It can work closer to the machine, reducing the movement of the machine during the operation and improving operation efficiency.

Simple structure and easy maintenance:

The top type hydraulic hammer has a relatively simple structure and fewer parts, making its maintenance and repair relatively easy. At the same time, its hydraulic control system is also relatively simple, reducing the failure rate and improving reliability.

Applicable to various geological environments:

The top type hydraulic hammer can be applied to various geological environments, whether it is flat land, mountainous areas or mining sites. Its powerful crushing capacity and wide operating range make it an ideal choice in a variety of engineering scenarios.

Easy to operate:

The operation of the top type hydraulic hammer is relatively simple and only needs to be controlled through the hydraulic system of the excavator. Operators can easily master its operation skills, reducing the difficulty of operation.

In short, the top type hydraulic hammer has the advantages of efficient crushing capacity, wide operating range, simple structure and easy maintenance, adaptability to various geological environments, and easy operation. These advantages make it widely used and recognized in various engineering scenarios.

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