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Extreme Duty Buckets

Extreme Duty Buckets

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XD20 Extreme Duty Excavator Buckets 24-60 inch/610-1524 mm

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BONOVO extreme duty excavator bucket has high strength and wear resistance, and can withstand large impact force and wear. The applicable working conditions are more severe than those of rock buckets, and are mostly used for hard rocks, sub-hard rocks, weathered stones, solid rocks, ores, etc. The work requires a lot of high-intensity excavation work, so it is based on the rock bucket and needs to be reinforced. We use steel plates and high-strength wear-resistant steel plates, and also cover the surface with wear-resistant materials, such as adding reinforcement to its bottom. Plate, side protection blocks are added, lip guards are installed, and high-strength wear-resistant steel materials are used for high-stress and easy-wear parts to ensure the structural strength and wear resistance of the bucket and greatly extend its service life. Therefore, BONOVO’s extreme duty excavator buckets have strong wear resistance and bending capabilities.

The shape and size of extreme duty buckets vary according to different operating requirements. Common ones include standard buckets, rock buckets, loose soil buckets, etc.


BONOVO XD20 Extreme Duty Buckets for Excavator 20-24 Ton

Width Capacity Bucket Teeth/ Teeth Seat Quantity Side teeth / Card protection Quantity Protective block Quantity Lip protector Quantity Diameter of axle Weight
1050 mm 0.9 m³ 1U3352RV   6I6354-40 4 112-2489-30 4 175-140 10 SF40 3 80-85 mm 1220 kg
1225 mm 1.25 m³ 7T3402RV    6I6404-45 4 112-2489-30 4 175-140 10 SF50 3 90 mm 1540 kg
1360 mm 1.46 m³ 1U3452RV   6I6464-50 4 112-2489-30 4 175-140 10 SF50 3 90-100 mm 2140 kg
1550 mm 1.9 m³ 1U3552RV   6I6554-60 4 112-2489-35 4 230-190 10 SF60 3 100-110 mm 2980 kg

Precautions For Using BONOVO Extreme Duty Excavator Bucket

Choose the appropriate bucket type: 

According to different operating needs, choosing the appropriate bucket type can improve operating efficiency and quality. For example, when excavating hard soil, gravel, gravel and other heavy-duty operations, a rock bucket or reinforced bucket is required.

Keep mechanical equipment in good condition: 

Before using a extreme duty excavator bucket, you need to ensure that the engine, hydraulic system, transmission system and other components of the mechanical equipment (such as excavators, loaders, etc.) are in good condition, and check parameters such as oil level and tire pressure.

Pay attention to safe operations: 

When using a extreme duty excavator bucket for excavation or cleaning operations, you need to follow safe operating procedures to ensure the safety of the job site. For example, during operation, the angle and position of the bucket need to be controlled to avoid excessive digging or hitting other objects.

Regular inspection and maintenance: 

In order to extend the service life of the extreme duty bucket, regular inspection and maintenance are required. For example, check the wear of the blade, the lubrication of the wheel shaft and bearings, etc., and repair or replace wearing parts in a timely manner.

Pay attention to the operating environment: 

When using a extreme duty excavator bucket for operations, you need to pay attention to the surrounding environmental factors, such as weather, terrain, underground pipelines, etc., to avoid accidents during the operation.

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