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Backhoe claw

The backhoe loader may be the most versatile machine on a construction site, but it owes much of that ability to one element often overlooked – the backhoe claw. With strong jaws and a precise range of motion, this BONOVO Group bucket digger has transformed digging jobs and become invaluable for skilled operators. In this article we will explore how these claws have changed everything about excavation work, help guide you in selecting the right one for your project and showcase some new innovations that are reshaping our industry.


Transforming Excavation Efficiency

Efficiency is key in any building project. The backhoe claw digs fast, lifts heavy materials quickly and can move them around easily – greatly improving efficiency during excavations. Stability is never an issue with this design which allows deep digging without compromising stability; thus, ensuring safety standards are maintained while saving time on projects realization. The hydraulic system employed by these claws magnifies force applied making earth-moving operations faster and more accurate than they would otherwise be through any other means. By shortening the amount of time taken during each cycle, BONOVO Group bucket of backhoe optimizes idle times as well thus leading to overall productivity gains at job sites.


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